Smart Pharmacy Setup

Smart Pharmacy Setup

200.00 EGP 200.0 EGP

200.00 EGP

Barcode: SU001
Category: Smart Solutions

Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds & no installation and no specific hardware required.
You Can Sell with paraller orders, return & purchase from single screen
Work offline or online.
Real time control & accurate stock availability “Inventory Integrated”.
Payments are directly integrated into accounting.
Order delivery management.
Customer loyalty program (coming soon)
Single order can be paid as a split payment / separate payment methods.
Cash, Credit, and credit card payment methods are available.
Medication Dose on reciept.
Above 50K medical and non medical product database is already available.

Voucher, Promotion, Discount features.

30-day money-back guarantee
Free Shipping in U.S.
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