Improve Medication Adherence

Why You should do it and how to make it happen

If you opened up your wallet right now, there’s a very good chance you’d find at least one loyalty/frequent buyer card stashed in a slot. Truth be told, when I went to count my own collection I found 6 different loyalty cards.

Why the huge push in rewards programs?

loyalty programs offer much more than just a free drink every 10 visits, they make customers feel valued and rewarded for their patronage – sending the message that a business really wants customers to keep coming back.

Not only does it position your brand well in the eyes of your customers, rewards programs have been proven to increase revenue. Repeat customers will spend 67% more on their purchases than new customers will – a good reason to try and keep them around. And just so you can see the proof in the pudding, Starbucks claims that the 26% rise in profit and 11% jump in total revenue back in 2013, were attributed to their loyalty program.

How to launch

Determine Your Goals Figuring out what you’re trying to achieve makes it much easier to decide on the steps to get there. Here are a few ideas:

  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase the value of customer purchases
  • Raise store visit frequency

Choose a Way to Implement

  • Frequent Buyer Card– Order and print some cards to pass out to your customers
  • Point System
  • Or just keep it simple and offer a first time reward to new customers

Decide What Actions Receive Rewards

  1. Rewarding patients via front-end purchases is probably the easiest route– $1 spent on front-end products = 1 point– Receive a stamp for every $10 spent on front-end, 10 stamps = $ off your next front-end purchase
  2. You can also award points for multiple actions– Downloading your mobile app– Refilling through your app or website– Scheduling MTM– Getting a vaccination

Train Your Staff Hold a meeting to go over the program and its implementation. Make sure everyone knows EXACTLY how the program works and is prepared for any questions your patients might ask (because there will definitely be questions).

Print Your Materials

  • If you’re going the buyer card route, make sure you have plenty printed out and available at the register. *Bonus! Require an email address from your customers before they grab a frequent buyer card.
  • If you’re doing a point system, you’ll need a program in place for tracking points.– Try Smart Pharmacy Solution
  • No matter which route you’re taking, make sure to promote the program wherever you can.– Post information in your store– Promote on your website & social media

It may take a little bit of effort to get the program off the ground, but once implemented – you’ll start seeing positive results.